Cookie and Information Statement

Collection of Your Personal Information

Your personal information is not collected if you only browse our website. We may collect your personal information: (a) directly from you (b) when you attempt to place an Order via our website by clicking CheckOut. (c) when you enter a competition promoted by us (d) where you seek employment with us (e) where you use the Contact Us section on our website The information collected may include your name, address, contact telephone number, email address and other transaction details as entered by you. We do not collect your credit card or banking details as online payments are handled by Paypal.
We collect anonymous visitor information by the following cookies.

Issuer, Name of Cookie and Cookie Duration

Tag4ARM _pk_ref 6 month

This cookie stores the referrer of website.

Tag4ARM _pk_ses 30 minutes

This cookie is used to store the session of visitor.After every 30 minutes, if there is no

visitor activity within 30 minutes, then visit will be considered as new after visitor action.

This data is then sent to

Tag4ARM _pk_cvar Page” level custom variable will store the name/value in the next page view tracked.

The cookie identifies unique users for the custom variable tag when it is used.

Tag4ARM _pk_id 13 months

This cookie is used to store the visitorID. This identifies whether a user has previously visited the website or not.

Statcounter _stat_id 12 months

This cookie collects data on location and use of site by user

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